Ronan Pons

Ronan Pons is a Phd candidate in law at Toulouse Capitole University (France) and at the faculty of law of Ottawa University. He graduated from Toulouse Capitole University with a master’s degree in digital and AI law. His final Master’s thesis dealt with algorithmic discrimination and the ability of law to regulate it. His current research focuses on artificial intelligence law, in particular the relationship between AI systems and legal evidence. Working with mathematics and computer scientists researchers, Ronan values interdisciplinarity and places it at the core of his work.

Ronan is co-founder, game designer and level designer of Law Tech Productions. Through this indie studio, he learns about computer science and uses video games to experiment and communicate his research stakes to a larger audience.

What’s new?


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Université Toulouse Capitole :

  • Droit européen du numérique (Master 1)
  • Introduction au droit privé (Licence 1)

Université Toulouse Paul Sabatier :

  • Droit et Ethique du numérique (Master 2)
  • Digital Law and Ethics (Master 2)

Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès :

  • Droit et éthique des données sociales (Master 1)